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TE- entrelec
Yay baskılı teknoloji

Two technologies in one connection

The patented design of TE CONNECTIVITY’s PI-Spring can be used as a Push-in or traditional spring connection: Push-in and spring. The Push-in mode allows a direct one-step insertion of solid and flexible stranded wires with a ferrule, 50% faster than standard screw clamp technology. Using the spring mode, very little effort is required to open the spring clamp with a screwdriver and insert the wire, which does not need a ferrule. The screwdriver locks in the terminal block after insertion, freeing up hands to manipulate wires or circuit drawings.
From 0.2 mm² up to 25 mm²

Vidalı teknoloji

screw clamp
The heavy duty connection

Unique design, flies over time thanks to its reliability and safety The TE CONNECTICITY's Screw Clamp technology is designed to avoids accidental releases due to vibrations, shocks or even abusive cable draw. Our exclusive design minimizes the needs of retightening campaigns.

High density capacity The screw clamp technology can fit up to two conductors per clamp which offers extended possibilities in electrical cabinets. From 0.2 mm² up to 120 mm²

One of the largest connection offering on the market 

Main benefits

  • High quality products: benefit from the best connection.
  • Simplification and acceleration of flows: reliable expertise in delivery times.
  • Innovating for tomorrow’s solutions.
  • Optimized logistics : SNK PI-Spring and screw ranges share the same accessories, reducing the level of held inventory by up to 50%. 

  • The SNK range achieves the same or better functionality whilst utilizing fewer product variants.

  • Perfect connection reliability in response to all connection challenges.

Main features

  • Connecting capacity  from 0.22 to 300 mm² (22AWG to 1000kcmil).
  • Large offering covering all applications and functions.
  • Worldwide availability.
  • Exclusive solutions and technologies like ESSAILEC® test blocks, Interfast the pre-wiring system for PLC’s.



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