Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tubes

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Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tubes

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Super sealing against water, moisture or other contaminates.Shrink Temperature:125℃ : Low longitudinal shrinkage, Flame retardant (out jacket only) , Polyolefin raw material , 3:1 shrink ratio , -45°C …+125°C Continuous operating temperature UL 224 / ROHS Compliant, Water Absorption ≤0,2%

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Technical Date:

PropertyTest MethodStantard
Tensile Strength(Mpa)ASTM D2671≥10.4
Elongation(%)ASTM D2671≥300
Density(g/cm3)ASTM D7921.2
Longitudinal change(%)UL 224≤±10
Elongation after aging(%)UL224 158ºċX168hrs≥200
Heat shockUL224 225ºċX4hrsNo cracking
Dielectric strength(kv/mm)IEC 243≥20
Volume resistivity(Ω.cm)IEC 93≥1014
Water absorption(%)ASTM-D570≤0.5

Hot Melting Adhesive Property

PropertyTest MethodStantard
Water absorptionASTM D570≤0.2%
Softening pointASTM E2895℃
Peel strength(PE)ASTM D1000120N/25mm
Peel strength(AL)ASTM D100080N/25mm

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